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Cook Fresh Pasta

Didn’t have time to prep your meals? We got you! With this easy recipe you can cook delicious pasta at work.

1 Servings

31 mins

30 mins

1 min

Fill the HeatsBox with a splash of water, then add the salt and the olive oil. Stir well.
Add your pasta. If there is still a lot of pasta sticking out of the water, then add more water to it. Make sure that the pasta is just covered, but not swimming in the water.
Close the lid of the HeatsBox and plug it in. Choose the settings as follows: – 85°C – large portion – keep warm – press start or set a timer The total cooking time is 30 minutes, if you plan on adding a sauce later it is 25 minutes. Set yourself a timer in order to not overcook your pasta. Please be aware that the time can vary depending on the pasta you chose. In this recipe we take pasta that has an indicated cooking time of 10 minutes on the package.
After 30 minutes, take off the lid. Your pasta is ready! You can pour away any remaining water and enjoy your pasta like this. If you planed to add a sauce, do so now without getting rid of the remaining water. Then close the lid again and continue on 85°C keep warm for another 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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