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Faitron wins Kickstart Accelerator and announces 2 PoC’s

On Friday the Kickstart Accelerator program, the biggest accelerator in Europe, announced the four winners in the verticals of Fintech, Smart and Connected Machines, Future and Emerging Technologies, and Food. We are proud to announce that Faitron was named the winner of the Food vertical! Chosen from 865 startups, over 90 entrepreneurs from 19 nations participated in the program which was located in the heart of Zurich, a city known for its strong digital economy.Celebrating Faitron’s win in the food vertical (left to right) Reto Conrad (Board member Coop, head of IT, Production and Services), Aron Kenessey (Faitron co-founder), and Otmar Hofer (CEO Bischofszell, the food subsidiary of Migros). Photo: Philippe Rosier

Building off of this Kickstart Accelerator success, Coop and Migros have both agreed to begin running pilot tests with Faitron. Both of these companies generate more than $24 billion in yearly sales. Faitron is developing a portable, trendy HeatsBox to heat up meals on the go and in the workplace. These trials are designed to test the acceptance of the product along with the performance and convenience of the HeatsBox. Results and observations from the tests will be shared with Faitron to make further improvements to the device and determine possible commercialization.

Coop and Migros are interested in disposable inner dishes that can be placed directly into the HeatsBox. These disposable containers can be sold in supermarkets as prepackaged meals that simply need to be heated up using HeatsBox. This creates a new level of convenience due to a food ecosystem based around HeatsBox.

Faitron is thrilled to begin these pilot test runs with both Coop and Migros and cannot wait to see the future of the HeatsBox!

About Coop
Coop was founded over 150 years ago as a small consumer cooperative and is now the second-largest retailer group in Switzerland.Coop is guided by the vision “together to the top” and stands by five distinctive features to represent their work: close, diverse, distinctive, innovative, and partnership-oriented. Coop is recognized for their commitment to sustainability through a variety of channels. For more information about Coop, please visit their website.

About Migros
Founded in 1925, Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company and largest employer. The company operates under a cooperative structure and has over two million members. Migros gives back to the community by donating a portion of revenue to social and cultural projects. For more information about Migros, please visit the website.



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