World’s first smart-warming baby bottle


Fast and even
warmed milk

Swiss precision

Warm up with a
deviation of 1°C


Control all warming
details and schedule


Compact size
and lightweight


Warm up to 7 times
with 1 battery charge

12 to 220V

Perfect for at
home or on-the-go

Temperature controlled

Select the optimal temperature
for feeding your baby.

Smart tracking function

Track your baby’s feeding
schedule and amount.

Specific heating process

Choose the perfect warming
process to provide your baby the most natural feeding experience

Everything is under your control.

The benefits of BabyBoo

Be certain, save money, eat healthy and be independent

Be certain

Your baby gets the milk at the right temperature and at the right time means you have more time to enjoy a happy baby with the family.

Save money

One product family used for milk and slurry everywhere results in more money for everything your baby deserves

Feed healthy

Prepare your delicious slurry made from fresh ingredient means your baby get the healthiest food in the world.

Be independent

Explore the world, gain flexibility at home or on the go. Feed your baby within minutes wherever you want.

BabyBoo Specifications

Feed your baby at the most natural temperature

Materials: Only food-grade materials
Heating Technology: Multi-sided heating
Voltage: 12-240 V
Max. Temp: 45°C

Precision:+/- 1°C
Ext. Dimensions:154 x 72 x 72 mm
Net Weight:130g

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