Faitron’s vision is to improve everyone’s health and well-being through the development of disruptive food appliances supporting a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Über uns

Faitron Ltd. ist ein Schweizer Unternehmen, das sich auf innovative und mobile Lösungen zur Erwärmung von Lebensmitteln spezialisiert hat. Wir ermöglichen es den Nutzern, ressourcenschonend, gesündere Lebensmittel so mobil wie möglich zu geniessen. Unsere hochwertigen Produkte kombinieren unsere Kerntechnologie der effizienten und überlegenen mehrseitigen Erhitzung, welche präzise gesteuert werden und eingebettet sind in ein leicht zu reinigendes und dichtes Design. Unsere App-gesteuerten Produkte ermöglichen es dem Benutzer, die Erhitzungsparameter für die beste und gesündeste Erwärmung anzupassen, bis hin zur Steuerung und Analyse der persönlichen Lebensmittel.

Faitron history

2018 August
Launch Smart HeatsBox

The HeatsBox got smart and comes with convenient App-controlled features such as a timer, different heat modi and the possibility to precisely select the temperature.
Pre-orders can be placed now at Faitron’s online store.

2017 October
Working prototypes BabyBoo

BabyBoo comes one step closer to market introduction as Faitron tested successfully prototypes of its second product, BabyBoo. The BabyBoo App allows users to precisely control the temperature for baby milk or baby jars.

2017 April
Initial HeatsBox batch produced

After countless prototypes and improvements, we finished successfully the first tooling set and produced the first batch which will be tested by hundreds of external users.

2016 December
BabyBoo Patent Application

The patent application for the second product was fundamental, as BabyBoo is the first electric warming baby bottle.

2016 November
Winner of Kickstart Accelerator

Faitron has won the prestigious Swiss Kickstart Accelerator, the largest accelerator program for startups in Europe.

2016 October
Start of two PoC's with HeatsBox

The two largest retailers in Switzerland, Migros and Coop (both over $24bn sales), were convinced by the concept of HeatsBox and agreed on starting individual proof of concepts.

2016 July
Incorporation of Faitron Ltd.

Faitron Ltd. was incorporated in July 2016 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. due to great support of Startfeld and the university of St. Gallen.

2014 May
HeatsBox Patent application

The key innovation inside HeatsBox is the efficient multi-sided heating technology that was applied for patent in May 2014 in Switzerland.

2012 August
Project HeatsBox Started

The idea of HeatsBox started already at high school because busy schedules and tight budgets made it difficult to eat a hot and healthy meal on-the-go.

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