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A successful second investment round and new board members

Faitron is thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of its second investment round and is proud to announce two new board members.

Thanks to the reinvestment of all first investors and carefully selected new key investors, Faitron exceeded the initial investment goal. Additionally Faitron is proud to announce two new board members Michael Brockhaus (Head of M&A at Holtzbrinck Verlag) and Marcel Lustenberger (Partner of Meyerlustenberger Lachenal), completing the board with the two Co-Founders Fabian Graf and Aron Kenessey. The new board members are internationally experienced and will surely help bringing Faitron to the next level.

The investment will be used for international commercialization of HeatsBox, as well as for the development of Faitron’s second product BabyBoo, the first smart-warming baby bottle. Having additional smart money investors from Asia is an important door opener for a large market, which is growing by 100% until 2022.

Faitron is excited about the future of the HeatsBox and BabyBoo. Potential B2B customers around the globe are having final tests within the next weeks with HeatsBox. With the successful completion of the second investment round and the additional expertise of our investors and board members, Faitron can move forward with even greater speed.

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