World’s smartest heating lunchbox

Swiss precision timer

Schedule when meal should be ready

100% leakproof

Carefree transport


Multi-sided heating

Fast and even heated meals


Compact size



Control all heating details and time

12 to 240 V

Car and office

Temperature controlled

Select the optimal temperature for you to enjoy your meal.

Smart timing function

Set when you want to eat and your meal will heat on its own.

Specific heating process

From greens to proteins, choose the process that gets the most out of your meal.

Everything is under your control.

The benefits of the HeatsBox

Save time and money, eat healthy and be independent

Save time

Flexible eating times and easy cleaning mean more time to enjoy with friends and family.

Save money

Cooking at home reduces expenses for a meal by 3 times – allowing you to save up to $200 every month!

Eat healthy

Prepare your favorite meal made from fresh ingredients. Adjust your meals according to your lifestyle.

Be independent

Explore to cook recipes from all over the world. Enjoy your hot and delicious meal at the office or on-the-go.

I love to cook at home because I want my kids to eat healthy food. The HeatsBox is perfect for making sure they have a healthy, hot meal, even when they’re at school.

I’m finally able to enjoy home – made lunches at work! The “keep warm” function is perfect for when I’m running late from a meeting. The HeatsBox is also sleek and leakproof.

I love the HeatsBox! I can have hot meals on the road without wasting money on junk food. I can stop to eat when and where I want to and my food is hot and ready to go.

HeatsBox Specification

Unprecedented Smart algorithms built-in

Material: PP, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Food Safety: Food-grade materials
Heating Technology:Multi-sided heating
Volume: 925ml
Max. Temp: 85°C
Ext. Dimensions:225 x 180 x 74mm
Net Weight:850g

Get your HeatsBox today.

Take full control of what you eat, whether you’re at the office or on the go.

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